Python代写:Computer Vision

要求使用图像处理和计算机视觉技术完成以下任务:1)去除绿幕背景,2)检测corner points并计算与另外图像相同corner points的homography.

Background Removal

(25 pts) The given images consist of two image sets and each set has a background image, such that

  • “img1_bg1.jpg”: image 1
  • “img1_bg1.jpg”: image 2
  • “bg1.jpg”: the background image of “img1_bg1.jpg” and “img2_bg1.jpg”
  • “img3_bg2.jpg”: image 3
  • “img4_bg2.jpg”: image 4
  • “bg2.jpg”: the background image of “img3_bg2.jpg” and “img4_bg2.jpg”
    Please write a program to segment the object from the images “img1_bg1.jpg”, “img1_bg1.jpg”, “img3_bg2.jpg”, and “img4_bg2.jpg”, like the following. (Hints: use color thresholding, the given background image, or other solutions)


(25 pts) For the pool table image given in the Task 1 in Assignment 2, write a program that computes a homograph by relating the pool table in the left image to that in the right one and project the detected balls into the corresponding right one. (Hints: four corner points)

What to Submit?

  1. Python source codes for each task (Please comment each line)
  2. Input images of each task
  3. Output images of each task
  4. Readme.txt (Please describe how to run your code)
  5. Please zip all documents as and submit it in blackboard.
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