This last assignment is to make a stand-alone GUI application, using JFrames, JPanels, and any other components you decide. The only require- ment is that you have to include an event and a listener, and do something in response to the event. It can be an event of your choosing - a button click, mouse motion, key press, a timer going off.

Try to be creative with this one! As in the past, we will give extra credit ponits for something special, but we will also take off points for applications that are less interesting. (Some of the applet assignments from a month ago or so were not that imaginative or involved).

Helpful Hint for GUI Programming: try to start from a small working program that has the same structure that you are looking for. Then build it up incrementally. Think carefully about the organization of your code, and what class the various methods go in. I don’t care if the classes are all in one file, or several files or use inner classes or not, but how you organize what class does what IS very important. Take a look at the examples from the class on 12/07 to the text (or anywhere else) for examples of how to organize the classes.


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