Matlab代写: Computer Vision

使用matlab从border image和center image 重建原始图像。

Image manipulation [5pts]

On the course website, you will find 4 sets images (border1.jpeg & center1.jpg,border2.jpeg & cen- ter2.jpg, border1.png & center1.png, and border2.png & center2.png). The border images have had their center removed, and centers represent the respective removed portions. Write a matlab or python function that loads two images (border and center) and reconstructs the original image from them, then displays them. Do not use any for or while loops, or any hard coded sizes or borders and you should use the same function to reconstruct both images. Add all the output images and all of your code to the report described in the next section (4 images total).

Creating a report [5pts]

Create a report in latex. The report should have answers to problem 1 and 2 in it. It should also have an appendix with all your code as text. Please use the listing package to list code. If you need help with latex, see the homework template. This template will provide tips on including images in latex as well as displaying code.


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