R语言代写:做一个R package

这个作业的主要目的是让学生体验制作一个R package。需要一个写若干函数,documentation和example,还有至少require一个外部的package。

Question 1: Make an R package
Submit all of the source code for an R package that does a nontrivial task. If you need inspiration, think of
something that you’ve been annoyed about in another package and write your own implementation, or code
up a statistical procedure that you’ve learnt in another class.
Your package should
• have at least one exported function
• have at least one non-exported function
• have appropriate documentation including at least one example
• require (and meaningfully use) another package
• have a DESCRIPTION file and a NAMESPACE file
• successfully build
• not throw any errors from devtools::check()
If you’re an experienced R user, I encourage you to make a vignette, explore the correct format for submitting
data with your package, or write unit tests using testthat.

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